Augmented reality (AR) allows you to see the world in countless, fantastic ways. It is quickly becoming a trend among gamers and developers to use this technology to solve problems. With all of the hype building around augmented reality, podcasts have emerged on the topic.

These podcasts offer commentary, tips, and stories from other fans of AR. You can keep up with current advances and meet the investors and inventors that keep AR new and exciting.

Though several podcasts exist about augmented reality, here are some of the best:


1. Stuck E. in Augmented Reality | The Official Stuck On An Eyeland Podcast

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Source: Stuck E. in Augmented Reality Podcast


What is augmented reality? It’s so different from our everyday activities that your friends might stare blankly at you when you tell them about it. Stuck E. in Augmented Reality is a great way to introduce them to this new form of entertainment. It discusses the possibilities of what you can do with AR, as well as the academics and arts behind it. Each entertaining, educational episode will help you explain what your new addiction is all about.



2. Vhite Rabbit Podcast

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Source: Vhite Rabbit Podcast


Get all the latest news about AR with this podcast. Though the hosts primarily cover virtual reality, they also have some great AR episodes that will teach you about developments, tips, and new games.



3. Research VR Podcast – The Science & Design of Virtual Reality

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Source: Research VR Podcast


If you’ve ever been curious about the neuroscience behind AR, this podcast will shed light on how AR affects the mind. It also features the designers, investors, and writers that create your favorite AR games. These guests also talk about the evolution of AR and what they think will come in the future.




4. The AR Show with Jason McDowall

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Source: The AR Show


This AR-themed podcast focuses on the technologies behind the glasses that enable AR software. Jason McDowall interviews inventors, designers, and investors who shed light on creating this new form of escapism and what will become of it in the future.




AR is still a new technology, but it’s solving problems previously thought impossible and will transform untold industries. Listening to these podcasts will teach you about the development of this technology and how AR could transform your business.

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